32Bj Contract 2020 Agreement

Nuestro acuerdo garantiza un aumento salarial de 70 centavos por hora a partir del 1º de abril de 2020. A partir de esa fecha, todo empleado ganando menos de $12.00 la hora recibirá un aumento de 50 centavos por hora en cada mes de enero subsiguiente. Los empleados sólo pueden ser despedidos por causa justa. Además, tendrán acceso a un procedimiento de quejas si creen que se han violado sus derechos contractuales. In 2020, the new entry will be extended to 1 year (starting at $1.00 below the rates above), and in 2022, it will be extended to 18 months, starting at $1.50 below the rate. In 2022, the new rental wage for Level 2 buildings will increase from $0.50 to $0.75. Highlights of our new contract can be found below: Over the four years of this contract, employers will pay a total of $1.13 more per hour (a total of $7.68 per hour) to full-time employee health insurance premiums. As a result, our high-quality health insurance with zero member contributions to the monthly premium will be maintained for the next four years. Part-time employees retain their current full benefits. Building engineers will decide whether to give up their November 2020 salary increase and instead channel the increase into the BOLR pension. Our agreement guarantees an hourly wage increase of 70 cents for each employee on April 1, 2020. Each January thereafter, employees earning less than $12.00 per hour receive a 50% hourly increase.

More than 400 workers from Loudoun and Prince George`s County joined our union and negotiated fair wages and benefits with our contract. Our agreement guarantees an hourly wage increase of 70 cents in the first year for each employee, followed by 50 cents per year thereafter. Our agreement guarantees annual salary increases of 50 cents per hour in 2020 and 2021, followed by 55 cents per hour in 2022 and 2023, for a total of $2.10 in hourly increases over the four contract years. The BOLR has tried to freeze our pensions and reduce the pensions of newly connected workers. The Union rejected those requests. We obtained an increase of 32 cents per hour in employer contributions over the life of the agreement, from $1.43 per hour to $1.75 per hour. From 1 January 2020, the return on our future pensions will increase by 15%! Cleaners in Prince George County and Loudoun County joined more than 10,000 cleaners in Maryland, Virginia and D.C to win a strong contract. Our union has obtained clear language regarding sick leave between employers when changing contractors. Your 32BJ Bargaining Committee has reached an interim agreement for a NOTE: This is a summary of the main changes to the collective agreement. Once the contract is ratified, the union will distribute copies of the agreement to all members who have the final and legally enforceable language. YEAR 1: July 1, 2020 $0.50 per hour Increase of $14.80 * La pensión aumenta 20 centavos, desfrom $0.38 to $0.58 el 1 Julio, 2020. Todos los otros beneficios son efectivos el 1 Enero cada año.

BOLR tried to freeze our pension benefits and not provide pensions to new members. The Union rejected those requests. We received a 32 cents per hour increase in employer contributions during the agreement, from $1.43 per hour to $1.75 per hour. The 1. In January 2020, our future retirement provisions will increase by 15%! Our agreement guarantees an annual salary increase of 60 cents per hour, an hourly increase of $2.40 over the four years of the contract. Employers have agreed to a comprehensive process to end sexual harassment of our members in the workplace. Sexual harassment by supervisors, tenants and even employees has increased, and this procedure provides a mechanism that requires each employer to thoroughly investigate each complaint, involve the union, and protect the accuser and witnesses from the accused and reprisal. Employees can now handle their complaint confidentially and without fear of reprisal or involuntary transfer, and any investigation involving the union should result in disciplinary action for a culprit and even inform a third party tenant, contractor, etc. the outcome of these allegations and require a recommendation for action to prevent further misconduct.

Improve contract language to protect immigrant workers. Employees can only be fired for good reasons. In addition, employees have access to a complaint procedure if they believe that their contractual rights have been violated. Full-time cleaners in Baltimore will receive two additional sick days for a total of seven sick days per year during the contract period: Cleaners in Maryland and Virginia will have the same number of sick days and holidays as DC cleaners by the end of this contract. The full terms of the new treaty and the ratification vote will be sent to all trade members. Check your mail and make sure to vote and return the ballot once you receive it. Sick days During the term of the agreement, all cleaners in Northern Virginia will receive three additional paid sick days for a total of seven sick days per year: An hourly increase of $2.40 means that at the end of this agreement, insured cleaners will earn the following: * The pension increases from $0.20 from $0.38 to $0.58 out of 1. July. 2020. All other benefit rates are valid on January 1.

This agreement will create more than 500 full-time jobs with employer-paid health insurance at the 30 largest buildings in Arlington County in 2023. Starting in 2020, the employer will pay one (1) steward (Lidere/steward) each year for union training. This will teach administrators how to oversee the collective agreement and other union goals and mobilizations in the suburbs. .